Arabian Nights


Arabian Nights

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“i was honestly terrified for the first half of that night; what was happening, anyway? i wasn’t this kind of person. i wanted to get us out of it, i wanted to save our brains. i wanted to run home and play around on the internet or whatever i was so used to doing back then. what would *** think? and where was Brainlet?
instead, we danced on the empty stage of Steelstacks [in Bethlehem, PA] that night to the streetlights’ applause.”


yeah the drugs still exist, but i only do them with you
breathe in, inhale me, inside of you

your mouth, my mouth, i cant get enough
slow-motion shadows swallow us up

hit shit, spit shit, stay up all night
tinfoil on windows to keep out the light

predator of the sidewalk;
concrete eater.
so fucking evil you’re rotted through?
fuck you, believe me, done worse things than you.
you watch your step or the Neighborhood will.

meander where we dont know the streets
so kiss me here, on the playground swings
summon ghosts, real ones, to haunt our things
perform on the stage

the streetlights hum their applause;
it’s magic: as magic as you can believe
there must be something about us (you and me)
and it’s dangerous, you’re dangerous to me