Stay-with-Mes (i don’t want to remix)


Stay-with-Mes (i don’t want to remix)

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be careful with those dreams of yours.

2020 remix of a 2016 song, before deep down existed.

Original (2016)

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I shouldn’t say this, so pretend that you can’t even hear: I’m scared.
You borrow from the greedy majesty’s riches near-
by in his castle, beyond and sectioned off by a lake,
and buildings, pageants, personalities I’ve found by mistake.

If there’s ever been an expert of disguise, it’s you.

Oo de lally, oo de lal- I don’t want to stay,
Golly what a day ’twas today;
You’re the only thief I’ve ever wanted to be,
Write me your stay-with-mes.

Cut this
Into your chin:
“I’m not unlucky”
It’s in your head.

So long, and I wish you were here!
Wish anybody…
“Keep your chin up” is harder than you said it would be.
Got exactly what I wanted though…

Write me your stay-with-mes.

Released 09/25/2020