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a new character enters the universe as the madman himself, EGG WHITE (@officialeggwhite) finally joins forces with Roo in…POZZED.



tainted proxy glowin’ up
blackbag jobs, collect em all
bet i get away with it
get away from me, clowns
give a fuck when they’re pozzed like you

laserdisc — always scratched to shit
hardware needs a jailbreak — gonna be a brick
piss up on the face of your internet clique
content from extremists?
you ain’t seen shit yet

motherfuckin’ so pozzed i can’t believe shit
got you by the balls — domesticated
motherfuckers go wall to wall with bullshit
gotta pay the price for misbehavin’

and i wanna really thank god they’re sleepin’ on how to keep you from suicidal relief
100 million brains don’t mean shit when they’re washed, though
100 billion fans don’t mean fuck when they’re pozzed —


motherfuck the DA
and fuck the prosecute
balls to the wall
down to break every law i knew
all that talk is cheap
come and see how a boss’ll move
and if you lose a loser
that aint really a loss to you
tighten up my circle
it aint nothin to toss a few
i’m all about the message
i put fire to the fossil fuel
double check your documents if you think i’m not
smile on my face when i-
seeing mass psychotic mental breaks
not down to assimilate
i rather would obliterate
feelin’ giddy and great
the state into dust and vapor
with smoking craters
see ya later
there’s a…
smile on my face when i-

Released 11/30/22