New Year’s Eve (Casino Night Zone)

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New Year’s Eve (Casino Night Zone)

2023-2024 Edition

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2022-2023 Edition

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2021-2022 Edition

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2020-2021 Edition

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2019-2020 Edition

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This special song is only available on December 31st each year.

Remember what Oipu taught us? “He [thich quang duc] knew none of this is real.”⁠ Now I’m teaching you.


guess i rap now, i suck
motherfuck the 2020s
in a bit too deep to turn back, (for)got everything i wanted

hit the jackpot on slots, we’re rich; ring millionaires
“but how are we gonna make it through the year?” ask every year

and really whats the difference?
barely even care;
toss the dice to make it out of wherever is here

set it; regret it
dont forget i said it:
when i told you none of this is real

new years eve — casino night zone
room full of people, how’d i know you were alone?
full-sized kids play the videodrome
better not tell you (i dont think you wanna know)

full-sized kids leave their little-ass kids
home so they can go and play the videodrome

new years eve — casino night zone
room full of people, but i bet you’re all alone
full-sized kids play the videodromes
better not tell you, i dont think you wanna-

Released 12/31/2019