i love myself


i love myself

with 4TTICS

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i want new places, new memories
i want new people, new friends and new enemies
i want all that or i give up
i want it hard ’cause i’m hard to love

i want you, but it’s hopeless
and that pink light that youre soaked in, and
i dont have the room left in my heart

reflex, slow-motion
rewind, i’m frozen
i can’t get over it

You thought I was someone
who need search for nothing
Spontaneous combustion
was what all my love did
Undone it, then you imploded with
contorted hips and vignettes of dick
Iโ€™m the crime scene, youโ€™re the evidence
This closet empty of skeletons

Hold up let me say this quick
No time for two, itโ€™s obvious
(I love myself)
I got hatred too
Much time in life is spent self indulgent
We focused only on what we do, consume the truth like it cares for us
(And no one else)
Come and take it from me, I think not it compares to bleed

Stand in the corner and stares at you
Always a watchtower and noose
Hands on the border of all we knew
Hallway to hang it stops with you
Stroke inducing speech patterns

reflex, slow-motion
cuts me open
i won’t let go of it

Released 4/25/2024