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In your neighborhood, your friends are dropping dead from Fentanyl-cut prescription pills; but long before the “Benadryl Challenge,” people in the next neighborhood over — withdrawn to the most desperate or self-destructive reaches of the internet — are walking 3 miles to the dollar store in the middle of the night to buy a bottle of off-brand diphenhydramine and then spend the night tripping on it. 

It’s not really accurate to say that they “get high” on Benadryl; what does a Benadryl trip feel like? Like a 4-hour panic attack (plus hallucinations of spiders).

I thought it would be wild to imagine somebody dropping a ton of the stuff and then going on a shooting spree, unable to distinguish between the hallucinations as reality starts to melt into a videogame. Except even more wild than that, a few years after this song was made, I learned about the Randy Stair shooting, which happened not far away — and that according to his autopsy report, he was on Benadryl when he committed it o_O;

This song, Benadrylled, is dedicated to Nazashi, who used to take dxm and dph together in the hopes of intentionally giving himself brain damage with the neurotoxicity.

The Beluga character and alarm sound effect from Bubble Bobble will always give me tension; when I was really little, I couldn’t play the last level against Grumple Grommit without someone else in the room because the music was too scary e_e;

February 2020 update: Rest in piece, Nazashi.


Beytah Remix (by Beytah)


I just got benadrylled

Looks like Contra in these halls, shit’s going AWOL; 8ball
“Outlook Hazy” on these pinks,
PA yells “Mayday, mayday!”

I dont wanna feel good im mad
gotta get in my head and then
Bust more than Megaman
Rush more than presidents~

no karma left forget it
place bets or dont. hedge it.
clipdumps aint cheap – you rent ’em

I think my brain’s asleep, so
Hopefully my fingers work though
Got you a ticket
gonna catch you front row

So many fans
Can’t even think about it
Get a little r-robotic
Hit me with that neurotoxic

I just got Benadrylled
Load it up and let’s play this game
I’m getting worried that we might not make it back again

I walk through walls, fucking invincible
I can’t hear you, CHS

lets get this legacy i dont need a stream
dont wanna feel good im sad — lock and load get over it

dont feel good, beg
cant feel my legs
snapchat, gotchu in the back ;]

Released 10/28/2019