are we gonna shoot this place up or what


are we gonna shoot this place up or what

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¨˜ˆ`’°­­*¹^·¬-~.„¸ 𝙎𝙊 𝙒𝙃𝘼𝙏?:

the dashcon 2 ballpit comes pre-pissed in “are we gonna shoot this place up or what”, as  @xxxhyper_deathxxx  shows up with a clever appearance to grind us deeper into the dirt.



Fuck no, i dont wanna sleep
internet, baby, im on it

take another close look
lesson from a sledgehammer? that’s the Wagner Group
Reverse like Carmack
Maybe ill learn soon
maybe i wont — I’m a cartoon soon

Don’t watch this video, you’ll get eye cancer
if you got questions he’s got answers
more edgy bullshit than what you can handle
person of interest — you’re a sample

Fuck no, i don’t ever sleep
internet, baby, im on it
Fuck no, i don’t wanna sleep
hot net, baby, I’m on it


i just bought a tenpack of scalpels on ebay
tamed my demons now they do whatever we say
im in your house leave it looking like waco
no sleep make my brain go way slow

online i dont need no sleep
cause im a g o d
liveleak og

im on the no fly list thats a given
built a pipe bomb tied it up with a ribbon
glowies on discord wildin
lighting up like a siren
but honestly im down for the violence
prescribers been trying to stifle my mind its the
hyper_threat, hyper_death, no hyphen
tryna find some data i can siphon
catch me on the web getting no sleep
catch me on the dark web way deep

yeah i know you recognize me
you’re in love with the hurtcore star
grainy on the video, recognize me
dashcon 2 ballpit
motherfucker comes pre-pissed
yeah you recognize me

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