Something New


Something New

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i imagined something that felt like a midwest-emo song. i hope you feel that too.

the sounds of the crows in this song were something i recorded a few years earlier. there were always crows pecking on the side of the house, nesting in the gutters, and occasionally they somehow made it inside the walls.

one day, there was (what sounded like) a war going on among them, with tons of them fighting in the trees above the house, cawing like i’d never heard before. i stuck a microphone out the window and managed to record some of it (you can hear me handling the mic a bit), and it made it into this song sometime later.


Let’s sit on the roof
and watch the sun slide into
the corners of the houses
’til its barely out of view.
Oh, the suburbs can relate;
tonight it’s hoodie weather.
And the sky will cast its hues and
paint our faces, me and…

I’ve made something new
And I would like to share with you
But I’m a little insecure
So maybe I will tomorrow

maybe i will tomorrow

I’m worried about something
I needed you to say.
And I apologize if this is all a bit 2005,
but we’re okay.

and i just forgot to tell you:
that i might not go back home tonight.
’cause this neighborhood’s so cruel
and I never thought id say that i miss school
but at least i got to see…
yeah at least i got to see…
yeah at least i got to see you
every single day